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i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. how's it work? ok, she's gas. he's constipation... why am i constipation? ...he's diarrhea. and our special fiber helps our probiotics so that you can show those symptoms who's in charge. this isn't even my floor. [ elevator bell dings ]
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can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. it's a shake, rattle and roll. an absolute miracle emerges from the debris. a security breech forces one of the nation's busiest airports to shut down. and new research on happiness among blacks and whites shows inequality. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. it's just past 11:00 a.m. let's get to what is happening right now.
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after brushing parts of massachusetts overnight. the storm drupted vacations but it's close up the eastern seaboard with less intense than originally feefrmentd feared. we report from halifax, nova scotia. >> hurricane earl is moving off the coast of nova scotia. it is still considered a hurricane, a category one hurricane by the forecasters at the canadian hurricane center. they're saying they're seeing winds of 100 kilometers an hour, gusting to 120 kilometers an hour in some locations. it's tracking up the eastern coast and then coming up to halifax and then across the county. they're now predicting lots of tree damage, branches down. let me show you right here in front of our building right here, a lot of branches down. this is the kind of damage that they're expecting to see over the next couple of hours. it's already causing problems.
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there are no flights in or out of halifax airport right now. power outages all over from the southern part of nova xoech sco through halifax. there has been some traffic accidents. a lot of poles are down. and basically the emergency measures people here in nova scotia are urging people to stay home, stay put. don't go outside. let this thing blow over and stay safe. well, nbc meteorologist bill karins is following every step of the way of earl. so, bill, what does the storm look like right now? looks like there is action in nova scotia. >> that's what we thought was going to happen in cape cod. it was too far off the coast. instead, it went to nova scotia. the storm is powerful. it is going to knock down power lines. but, you know, i think earl -- everyone will remember it for the large waves. and it's near miss more than anything else. the radar is clearly exiting. the only places in the united states where it's still raining -- it's still raining
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pretty hard up there for our friends in extreme eastern maine and to bar harbor eastward. clear out as we go throughout the morning. it is already sunny as can be. beautiful on cape cod and much of new hampshire and maine. you'll see sunshine as we go throughout the afternoon. the only legacy left is the waves. still seven footers by cape cod. ocean city, maryland. still around eight to six. the rip currents will be a problem, too. this storm is long gone by the time we get through this evening. it will become a area of low pressure. and it leaves us, alex, with a gorgeous weekend. much of the country is fantastic. and it feels like fall today. can you believe it's only going to be 67 degrees for a high in chicago to the great lakes. the eastern seaboard, that cool
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airheads your way as you go through sunday. tomorrow in boston, it's only around 73. notice the heat though continues in the west. by the time labor day, not many troubles in the forecast. it is really calm, nice. some areas are warm and cool. not a lot of rain out there. everyone can enjoy the long weekend. >> i haven't seen the last of earl. >> we had enough. >> all right. >> you're right. i'm sure it will be hot again. >> okay. bill karins, thank you. >> we'll have more coverage. we'll continue to track the fallout from this. officials in new zealand are assessing the damage after a faithor earthquake rocked the country's second largest city. it was he is south island just west of christ church. new zealand's prime minister says it will be months before the full extent of the damage is known. nbc's nina desanto has more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: alex, the latest is that there is still a state of
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emergency in christ church on new zealand's south island amid concerns that some of the buildings that have been damaged may fall on passer's by or that people could be injured by rubble on the streets as well all of this amid strong after shocks and the quake hit in the early hours of the morning. now curfews have been imposed in an attempt to prevent looting. we had examples of that. as you were just saying according to the prime minister, nobody was killed. two people were injured by falling glass and masonry. experts say that this quake didn't prove to be fatal because many people, thankfully, were still asleep when the disaster struck. that doesn't mean, though, that people aren't terrified. >> oh, my gosh. it lasted over a minute. we have no power or water.
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>> so that's what the residence of christ church have been saying. the mayor has been saying that the damage is immense. he's also speculated that not one house could have been left in some way untouched by the shaking. one building burst into flames after a gas pipe burst. but authorities have managed to act quickly and now restore water and power supplies. many inhabitants, though, of course this is win thor in new zealand and facing a long cold night. what is worse is gale force winds are predicted to hit the country within the next 24 hours. alex? >> okay. nina, thank you very much for that live report. well, right now the damaged blowout preventer of the well that sent millions of gallons of crude spewing into the gulf is being brought to the surface. bp replaced it with a new device yesterday. and in just about 20 minutes or so, i'll be speaking with charles hadlock on what this means for the permanent plugging up of that well. three term analyze at los
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angeles international airport shut down last night after a security guard left his post. officials closed the terminals early this morning when they discovered the deserted exit door. after viewing the videotapes to make sure no one slipped through, the airport was reopened. the incident only delayed eight flights. no word on where that security guard went. >> a welcomed change of pace for the u.s. stock market. wall street closed out the first winning week in a month. the dow jones jumped 128 points yesterday, continuing a sharp turn around from last month's ugly performance. investors may have been encouraged by yesterday's jobs report. although the overall unemployment rate grew to 9.6%, august did see the addition will 67,000 private jobs and that number was better than expected. new word from president obama this morning as the economy all but takes over his agenda in the week ahead. he'll hit the road to outline new measures aimed at boosting the nation's recovery. the white house focuses on what's ahead, the president is
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also reminding voters of what came before him. >> for a decade, middle class families felt the sting of stagnant incomes and declining economic security. companies were rewarded with tax breaks for creating jobs overseas. wall street firms took big gains. >> mike viqueira is outside of the white house. what are the plans for the white house? >> reporter: the battle lines have been drawn. unemployment remains high. gdp growth remains anemic. it is still growing and now democrats here in washington are really starting to feel some political pressure to say nothing of the millions of people around the country who are still searching for works. the unemployment rate, as you mensed, took up .1% to 9.6%. of course the president yesterday immediately after those figures were published appeared in the rose garden and talked about the need, the positive information that came out of it. you see there 67,000 jobs added
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to the private sector. it wasn't enough to offset the loss of some temporary census worker jobs. there are also a number of people, alex, who are encouraged enough to try to re-enter the job market. and that's driving that unemployment rate up. and that is the number that everyone is focusing on regardless of whatever positive news regardless of what the market expected those numbers to be. many people on capitol hill are democrats that stand to lose the majorities in the house and possibly the senate. they want the president to focus on the economy. this was spent on the middle east and iraq. but next week he's going to answer their wishes. he appears monday at an aflcio rally in milwaukee, wisconsin, a swing state, for labor day. and then wednesday, it's off to cleveland where he will deliver what's being build as a major economic address with major initiatives to help this economy grow faster. friday, he comes back here to the white house for a press
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conference where the economy is sure to be a major topic. alex? >> okay, mike viqueira, thank you. >> reporter: okay. it is a driver's nightmare. a study reveals the place you are more likely to wind up in a car accident. plus, investigating google. one state launches a probe into the search results that turn up on google. we'll talk about it on msnbc saturday. i got into one of the best schools in the country!
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tropical storm earl is lashing out at the coast of nova scotia. the storm passed by the massachusetts coast overnight. it is causing a few hundred power outages. there is also isolated flooding in low lying areas. and nbc's kevin tibbles is live in rockport, massachusetts. one more time. it is a picture perfect saturday morning. what are the locals saying there now that the storm passed?
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>> reporter: it is a bit of a postcard day. seven very thankful that earl did not wind up being the earl that had been described in the runup to this thing going from a category 4 down to tropical storm. it passed through here last night. as you can see behind me, it's an absolutely gorgeous day. apologies to our neighbors in the north who seem to be feeling the brunt of it. now that earl is actually slamming right into halifax, but down here in rockport, it's actually a gorgeous day. although we did talk to a number of local people who came down here to check out the surf this morning. >> we came down to see the heavy surf that just down the road here. there's a spot we go to that is all cliffs and usually a storm like this, a nor'easter, i have to say we've been there in the nor easters have been worse. >> ever since '78, when there is a storm predicted, it gets overhyped. >> reporter: the bottom line here, of course, is that the
11:16 am
bottom line here, of course, is that they may be disappointed with the size of the surf today in terms of sight seeing. i think a lot of people around here, especially the people would left their boats in the water, are breathing a sigh of relief had you taken your boat out of the water, you may have been complaining about having to put it back in. i think people here are very, very happy with the way this thing turned out. what we want to do is get people down to rockport. there are a lot of stores lacking all the customers who have been scared away. but thankful that this thing did not hit. let's hope it doesn't do too much damage in halifax. >> absolutely. and so head on down to rockport and wear your sunscreen. looks like a great day. >> reporter: lovely day. >> good one. an attorney general is investigating web giant google and the way it recommends web sites. the antitrust inquiry is whether they manipulate search results that compete with businesses. they handle two-thirds of all search requests in the united
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states. secretary clinton says a mideast peace deal is urgently needed now because this is the last chance she sees in a long time to reach an agreement. the first direct peace talks between israel and palestinians took place in washington this week. and for more on the prospect for peace and why things might go differently this time around, i'm joined again by michael elliott, deputy managing editor of ti"time" magazine. this cover reads, "why israel doesn't care about peace." good morning to you. >> nice to see you. >> explain this cover. >> absolutely. wonderful piece from our bureau chief pointing out that israel at the moment is a peaceful society. it's a prosperous society, increasingly technologically advanced society. and if you actually ask israelis what are the key issues that face them over the coming years, they say education. they say housing. they say the economy. they put peace with the palestinians remarkably low.
11:18 am
and the question that carl is asking in this story is whether that is wide. whether the good life that israelis are living now comes with consequences and dangers and whether what they should really be thinking about is whether that good life is sustainable without peace with the palestinians. >> you know, just anecdotally, i'm thinking back to the intifada and yesterday when they had these attacks. >> well, as we talked about this week, settlers were killed in the west bank by an attack. violence is never very far away. but if you look at the last 2 1/2 years in israel, it's been a remarkably peaceful period. they constructed the wall after the second intifada and that is seven years ago. >> why do you think that is? do you think that's because palestinians are afraid, perhaps, of benjamin netanyahu? he is hard line. he is very conservative. he's not afraid to strike. >> well, of course, that's true. but historically, if you look whether it's nixon to china or
11:19 am
prime minister doing a deal in the 1970s, there is always been some indication that it's hard line political leaders who can actually do the deal which is why, you know, looking at the talks in washington that got underway this week, i'm actually a bit of a contrarian on this. the conventional wisdom is that the talks are going nowhere. my own view is actually that there is some reason to think that this is a pretty good moment. >> why? >> two reasons. first of all, although israelis, although israel is a well situated, peaceful society right now, i think this is a small quiet voice in israeli society which says we do have to do a deal for our long-term security and for our long-term prosperity to lock in the good life with our neighbors who happen to be the palestinians. we may as well do a deal from the position of strength which is where we are now. on the palestinian side, i think there's a realization that if
11:20 am
some deal cannot be done with painful compromises with israel, then palestinian society which is also been making particularly on the west bank improvements in the last few years in terms of the stability of the government, in terms of the economy, might fall back down into a psych cyc violence. i'm a bit more optimistic. >> two questions. we have hillary clinton saying she believes if it doesn't happen now, it will be a good long while until it does. and to what extent is president obama's involvement vital? >> well, let me pick up that second point. i think this is crucial. what president obama has done is to get peace talks between the israelis and palestinians going relatively early in his presidential term. there was a patten under president clinton and under president bush.
11:21 am
perfectly understandable reasons, perhaps, to delay getting the face-to-face talks between israelis and palestinians until pretty late in their administrations, to kind of really, really engage and get serious about it. if the administration officials from the administration is sitting at this table, they would say nonsense. we tried to do this and that. but that was the impression given. president obama came in very early and made it pretty plain that this was a first time, and a relatively early first term priority of his. so there is some time. there is some time for the talks to mature and get going. and i think that's -- i think that's very significant. the president is engaged. i think secretary of state clinton is engaged. i think special representative george mitchell who has been the hero over the last 13 months shutting around is engaged. so i think at the highest level, the u.s. administration wants to make sure that these talks have the best possible chance of
11:22 am
succeeding. >> okay. michael elliott, welcome. let's all hope. deputy managing editor of "time" magazine. thank you. it is not a pretty picture of sarah palin. an article portrays her as foul mouthed and mean. but is that a fair assessment? and at the box office, "machete" attempts to carve its way to the top. ... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of updating your bathroom.
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. george clooney is back at the box office this weekend and looking to make a killing in "the american." >> if i asked you to come away with me, would you? >> come away with you? >> why not? >> together? >> together. >> forever? >> forever. [ speaking spanish ] >> she is saying, i love you.
11:26 am
anyway, so far "the american" is in the number one spot which is followed by "machete" and "takers" rounds out the top three. so we were sitting there just staring "the american." i'm like don't shoot them. they have them right in the cross hairs. >> i know, george clooney and the italian countryside, what could be better? he's part of a group that is building this weapon. so i mean typical george clooney has that cary grantesque thing going. and as the test audience is between us, we're going to see that. >> for sure. how about critics? are they liking it? >> they say the plot is a little thin. but that george is actually really great in the role, as usual. and that i think audiences are really going to flock to it because he does have that great box office pull. >> okay. number two, "machete." let's take a look at a clip of that, everyone. enjoy this. >> he offered me $150,000 to settle. >> look at me.
11:27 am
i can get you papers. but you have to let me bring you in. >> i'm going to find the guy that did this. and bring him to you. >> looks like a little revenge going on there. >> revenge, it's pretty gory and bloody. it's a campy flick by robert rodriguez. the cast is really what's making the news. we have jessica alba and lindsay lohan who spends most of time in a nun's outfit seeking revenge on people. hello. >> that sounds funny. >> yeah. very tongue and cheek portrayal of her character. so i think audiences are curious about this. and robert rodriguez has a track at the box office. so that's why it's number two. >> okay. going the distance, drew berry more, justin long, lovebirds on and off screen. >> i know. i think that audiences really
11:28 am
like this couple both on screen and off screen. although it's only number five in the box office. estimates for the weekend. but i don't think that's really going to hurt it. i mentioned earlier that drew barrymore produces the film through flower films which is a very successful company that she runs out of l.a. and that her company has estimated box office figures $870 million worldwide. so she's quite a power house. >> i guess. >> even if it comes if only five, she'll clean up with dvds and all that. i guess she really is a power woman. >> shi is. i love her. >> and this is getting great reviews this film. >> good. >> i think that maybe after the weekend it might do a little better because typically labor day is not such a big movie weekend. a lot of people are at the beach and kind of enjoying the last days of summer. >> okay. thank you for spending your morning here. we appreciate that. >> thank you. a couple of yes, it's true file.
11:29 am
this city where the chef celebrated the largest taco ever made in that country. over 134 feet long which is a lot of tortilla right there. and this item about male pride. a new study in britain shows that men waste $3,000 in gas over their life times all because they just will not stop and ask for directions. researchers say men drive an average of 276 extra unnecessary miles a year driving around trying to find their way. what a waste. come on, you guys. really?
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it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. 32 past the hour, here are your fast five headlines. what was once hurricane earl is now a tropical storm hitting nova scotia right now. earl unleashed heavy rain on the northeast but didn't produce the wall open that was feared. john key says it's a meeshg that will no one was killed in yesterday's powerful earthquake. the quake has caused extensive
11:33 am
damage in parts of christ church. also in new zealand, nine people are dead after a plane crashed just after taking off near a tourist spot. the plane was carrying skydiv s skydivers. in china, 17 people are dead after a flat tire caused a bus to lose control and crash into on coming traffic. and president obama is preparing to announce next week new steps to create jobs. analysts say it will fuel tax cuts and targeted spending. those are your fast five headlines. sarah palin is reacting strongly to a new "vanity fair" profile of her. the profile paints palin as a foul-mouthed woman with a mean streak. one anecdote reads one person who is a frequent houseguest of the palins say the couple began many mornings with screaming, fights, a lot of curses. daily beat contributor joins me now. she is also the author of "sarah from alaska."
11:34 am
good morning to you. >> hi. >> let's get to this. sarah palin answered back with a tweet that reads, "when yellow journalism gets ratcheted up for a period of time over an individual or an issue, it makes you wonder what's up? what's the threat"? what is your response? >> well, think sarah palin always wants to react to everything. and the people i always say to her is that you don't need to react to everything. i mean this article is so over the top. the example that you give about them todd and sarah fighting in the morning and goes on to say that they're throwing cans at each other. this story reads just so incredibly over the top. i was just in alaska for "the daily beast." i record a book on sarah palin. i never, ever heard these stories. and this one about throwing the cans at each other. i mean it's just not believable. >> i got a problem also because
11:35 am
it talks about this being attributed to a frequent houseguest. do they have so many houseguests that they wouldn't know exactly who this person was, perhaps, and, you know, would someone who is a frequent houseguest do that and give up that kind of information? i got to wonder? >> i think he is being sold a really tall tale. and that is somebody in alaska is really getting a laugh out of it. i never heard anything like this. another example in the article is that she never wanted to say hello to kitchen staff. and through my reporting and what i've seen in my own eyes that, is absolutely not true. she does always say hello and greet staff and kitchen staff and camera people. and so these are just examples that through my reporting i've seen that are just not true. >> okay. flip side. do you see aspects of the article that are true? >> one thing he talks about is how -- and what she says in the tweet is anonymous sources.
11:36 am
until recently, in order to get any information out of the campaign, did have to rely on anonymous sources. people were afraid she would lash back out at them. that is one thing where reporting on sarah palin and in politics in general, you have to use some anonymous sources. people will be afraid of retaliation. they're going to be afraid of in 2012 not be hired by the campaign. so that's one thing that she really hit hem hard for. but i've had to use also. >> part of the tweet she reads -- she writes where she talks about it makes you wonder what's up when you're constantly being attacked, what is the threat? my question goes into she is such a polarizing figure. do you think people go after her with that agenda because, i mean, you either love her or hate her by most accounts. >> right. i think that he relied really on people -- with an ax to grind. and what you have to do, it's hard for me to criticize people. you tend to even go to reporters and make mistakes sometimes.
11:37 am
but in this, i think he really just relied on thinly sourced with people with an ax to grind. when you have these, there are a lot of people out there that are angry. and she does have a history where she's had staffers that she has thrown away. i think that he spoke to more of them and less of the people that are around her now. >> okay. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. bristol palin dropped by the "tonight show" last night. the daughter of sarah palin is promoting her upcoming stinlt on "dancing with the stars." jay asked bristol for an update on her ex-fiance levi johnson. >> isn't he running for mayor? >> i guess. that's the rumor. >> let me ask you a question, would you vote for him? >> well, he needs to move to alaska, to the city limits. and he needs to get his ged.
11:38 am
>> he has to get a ged. all right. >> bristol is kind of cute there, right? she says she decided to do "dancing with the stars" despite the fact she never danced before. and when jay asked her if she went to the prom, she said, no, i was pregnant. meantime, the colorado family involved in that bizarre balloon boy hoax last year moved to florida. officials say richard heene checked in as a registered fell on. last year he and his wife pleaded guilty to charges related to that hoax. richard heene served 30 days in jail and his wife served 20. it had all the appearances of a disaster, a small plane in portland, oregon, stalling and then crashing nose first into a house. incredibly, the 70-year-old pilot survived and able to walk on his own. there was a woman in the house and remarkably she, too, escaped without serious injury. so this next story may make car enthusiast shed a tear. a fire broke out in a phoenix car shop friday night.
11:39 am
crews entered the building but had to retreat for fear of explosion because of the large amount of flammable items inside. authorities say no one was inside the building when they arrived. the cause is still unknown. >> in the gulf of mexico, bp removed the failed blow out preventer that was supposed to stop the big oil rig disaster from ever happening. nbc's charles hadlock joins me with more. good morning to you, charles. >> reporter: good morning. >> i know we have the preventer, the failed one has been successfully replaced now. admiral thad allen says this bottom kill operation to permanently seal the well could begin, when, next week? >> reporter: yes. some time after labor day. first they want to get the old blow out preventer out of the way. it's a key piece of evidence. the blow out preventer is essentially a safety valve. it was supposed to prevent the type of explosion that happened back on april 20th that took 11 lives on the deepwater horizon
11:40 am
rig. it's a key piece of evidence that investigators will go over and take it apart to try to figure out exactly what happened. because if they find that there was any type of changes in the blowout preventer, if there was a lack of maintenance, that could be grounds for criminal negligence. now several fbi agents are out there at the site today watching this operation as if it were a crime scene in progress. they're waiting to see what is in this blowout preventer. >> this is one heavy thing. it is a million pounds, charles, to bring this up to the sur snas. >> yes. >> come on. how can you bring up a million pounds? >> you do it with a vessel called a q-4,000. they bring it up through the center. it is five stories tall. it weighs a million pounds. and they have to bring it up from over a mile deep down on the ocean floor. so it's going to take several more hours. they expect to have it out of the water sometime later today. then they will transport it
11:41 am
somewhere to shore to begin their investigation. >> slow going for sure. >> reporter: yep, it sure is. and once they get this done, they can begin the bottom kill operation. that's something we've heard about all summer long. it could be performed as early as next week. >> get this thing sealed up permanently. over and dovenlt thank you very much. let's go now to the tops in flops. leaders and losers in today's list of number ones. first of the worst. motoring madness puts drivers on a collision course. washington, d.c., topping a list of the worst drivers. all-state finds d.c. drivers more than 95% more likely to get in a wreck than the average driver. he's the man behind pace book. for that, he tops the new "vanity fair" 100 list. he is known for his ability to recite homer from memory.
11:42 am
now the most unwanted author in the united kingdom. sedan brown. he leads a list of the most donated authors in britain. that list is compiled by britain's largest retailer second hand books and also includes john grisham and j.k. rowling. for a second year, actor shy la buff is leading the best actor for the buck. forbes says that for every dollar the buff is paid, his movies make $81 in profit. wow. of course, katie perry is bringing in the big bucks with another hit. her teenage degree murder album debuts at number one on the billboard 200. the single tops the digitsal chart. and those are your number ones. [ male announcer ] looks clean doesn't it.
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get listerine® smart rinse™.
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now to ground breaking new research on the happiness divide in the u.s. economists at the university of pennsylvania say while white americans are less happy, african-american happiness is on the rise. in fact, the gap between black and white happiness has closed by 40% since the 1970s. "newsweek" writer julia baird reports to three possible reasons for the shift. life has improved for african-americans, african-americans have heightened status annen ene en erosion of happiness and whites have just grown less happy. good morning to my two guests. >> good morning. >> ladies, i'll begin with you, julia, since you reported the news from "newsweek." what do you think is mostly at play here? >> well, there's a bunch of factors.
11:47 am
what the authors of the study from warton attributed to was the civil rights movement. i mean the increase in happiness is so significant, so substantial and so beyond the ordinary benchmarks, you know, improvements in education, improvements in income -- >> so just over 30 years? >> from 1972 on wards. from the general social survey. but what fascinated me when i dug into it was what the people -- it's really been driven by women. women have become a lot happier. white women have become a lot happier. that to me is fascinating. also in the south, african-americans in the south are a lot happier. and the only population mode is a young black men are the only group that did not report any improvement. >> subject with which you and i have spoken before, karen. what is your reaction to this study? >> initially when i heard it, alex, can they stop studying black people? i'm just like really sick and tired of being under a petree
11:48 am
dish as if we're a different species of people that need to be examined. i'd like to see studies about other groups. i know woehr woe are wonderful fascinating and gorgeous which makes me happy, but if the warton school of business economists studied i had really wanted to make black people happy, give the money and go to a black community and give it away. they also did a study of that, makes people extremely happy. i can't put a lot of weight into this. i don't think it makes any difference what your race is as far as happiness. if you measure happiness based on unhappiness of another group, that seems artificial, too. >> how about this? the span of time, put it in that perspective, 30 years for compiling these statistics. you have seen any marked improvement along any of the lines that this -- it's warton, right, released? >> i'm curious who they talk. to i don't see any difference in my life over the last 30 years. i've always been happy. i'm a pretty happy person.
11:49 am
but i just find the whole thing, the notion of studying happiness like based on what? i went to the study. i don't know who they talk to. i'm having a hard time with the whole notion that, you know, we're happier now over the last 30 years because there's not less prejudice in this country. i think it's more insidious if you watch the tea party recently and all the things going on. i don't know that things are a whole lot easier for black folks than any other group. >> yeah. >> who they spoke to is the general social survey which she conducted since 1972. they do have a measure they can go back to every year. yes, it's a crude measure. even asking the question how happy you are is based on context, how you are feeling that day and how you define it. they have done research on the happiness of women. they're the ones that track that across western democracies, across all age groups and across demographics. women are a lot more happier since 1972. so, yes, but i'm -- actually, women across all different groups except for the back and
11:50 am
had a look at race, which i think is interesting. >> i'm not used to what's going on. our levels are consistent. so white women are realizing, we're all in this boat together. the economy is horrible, it's affecting all of us equally, we had the wars, but now, we've adjusted, because we've had to deal with things over the last -- >> you know, i want to ask you, do you think it's fair criticism what karen said right at the outset, stop doing these studies that look at one group versus the next that separate the races because isn't that further promotion of racism? why do we have to separate it all all the? you know. >> i their this is a burgeon area of study. there's entire course at the universities devote to it. is it clumsy, is it significant, does it tell us something about the social environment? >> why thinch on race, that we're different in some way that
11:51 am
we operate under some kind of different set of -- >> you know why i think this is significant because in the 1970s because the gap was so enormous, so staggering large. i totally take your point, but i don't think that doesn't mean you do look at difference between ages and a different groups. if you accept the premise that asking questions about happiness is valid in the first place. >> but overall, the take away is this study is good. >> except for the young black men. >> since we're all women talking now, let's say it's good for our part of the posse, right? >> okay. >> well, it's an interesting discussion. i co-have it over lunch, din, all day. >> that's because you're a happy person. >> so are you. and so are you. we're happy for that. young single women are now out outearning their male peers, that's something to be happy about. what does that income sea change
11:52 am
reflect? we'll talk about it on msnbc saturday. [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million.
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we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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11:55 am
so all you single lady, listen up. lots of tough economic news, but it may surprise you who is faring better than ours. women are outearning their male colleagues in the big cities. ours in analyst, good morning. what is this? 22 to 32-year-olds are making the big bucks. >> they're making more than the young guys. it's about education. they're going to college at a high per rate and getting graduate degrees. for every guys who do, two single young women are. >> in atlanta, it's a 20% differential. >> you look at atlanta, new york, los angeles, several other areas, they're earning significantly more in knowledge based communities, in blue collar towns because most of the jobs there have been male dominated jobs like factoring, for example.
11:56 am
in minority populations like miami, if you look at hispanics, african-american women, they're twice as likely to get a college degree than their male counterparts. it's an interesting study. >> is it a trend you see continuing? >> it's an interesting take. once we go on to marry and have kids, they fall considerably. because we take time out to raise kids and care for our elderly parents. we often go back on a part-time basis. >> so overall then, not saying the 22 to 32-year-olds in this study, how are women faring in this economy? >> good. we're coming out better than the guys are. because most of the jobs have in those male dominated industries. 80% of the jobs that were lost have been in these male dominated types of fields. women tend to be in growing areas, education, hey, where a greater percent ampt nation's workforce, 50%, we could soon surpass men on the nation's payroll for the first time in american history.
11:57 am
so that would be interesting to see that. but we're not making as much money as the men. >> we should be. we got to go like right now. that is a wrap of our live msnbc saturday coverage. we have updates and breaking news as it happens. wake up with me tomorrow morning, i'll be looking at for you at 8:00 a.m. eastern. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble. but what we can do is arm ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. stay twice...
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